Unlock your access to the wonder, joy, and fulfillment that is natural to relationship by becoming awake to realities of relationships that you’ve been unaware of up until now.

Put yourselves into explorer mode and discover what almost no one has seen about human relationships - mainly because they haven’t been looking. They certainly haven’t been asking the question: “What is a relationship...really?”

Without knowing what a relationship is, you and countless others, including relationship experts, fall into the common and almost endless pattern of fixing, changing and ending relationships.

When you become aware of what a relationship is - and the default design of human relationships - issues and concerns dissolve and give way to new possibilities - including the possibility of custom designing your relationship based on new and powerful design principles that you will discover with us. 

Relationship By Design has been making a positive difference in relationships all over the world since 2003. We invite you to participate in one of our programs and transform your own relationship now.

"Lon and Sandy led a dynamic, provocative, insightful workshop that left me feeling profoundly connected to my fiancé in a way we had not experienced before. I am more excited than ever to create our future together." ~ Donna R.

"Of all the growth and development courses I’ve done, this one was the most profound in making a difference in my relationships." ~ Carol K.

Sandy and Lon Golnick

Hi, we're Sandy&Lon,

Sandy and Lon Golnick have been leading transformational workshops and courses for most of their careers. Lon joined Werner Erhard to lead est trainings in the 1970’s and Landmark Education courses in the 1980s and 1990s, enterprises that have brought new ways of thinking about the experience of being human to millions of people in an international audience. Sandy, seeing the possibility for transformation for children, led programs for young people and their families. 

When Sandy and Lon turned their focus to the transformation of families and relationships beginning in 2002, they began with this fundamental principle:

  • People will not be effective in designing and living fulfilling relationships until they discern the default design of human relationships, including the unseen mechanisms that destine all relationships to upset, disappointment and frustration. 

They launched Relationship By Design to bring their decades of transformational experience to the next frontier: the relationships that are the inescapable context in which people live their individual lives.